Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wonky Discourse

The on-going RCI on the death of the late Teoh Beng Hock has taken interesting turns of late.

Initially, it looked as though the RCI was turning into a farce with allegations of corrupt practices re-bandied again on Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong.

Suddenly, cans of worms – maggots? – began to open at regular intervals from the wanking - sorry, watching - of porn whilst a witness was in interrogation, rewriting of records, outright lies to cover your boss’ ass orders.


Then again, while all this makes for the kind of head-shaking, goodnessgracious, whatthehell ecstatic reading, I do realized that in the end, not much while come out of the whole exercise.

Probably there will be a Paper (white, blue, flowery pinkish base?) on things: how to pick future staff, safe interrogation practices, guidelines on following orders, how to cheat and get away with it et cetera.

Those guilty of anything (lying is technically not one unless you’re an obstruction to justice and here in Malaysia, this topic warrants Tolkien-length discourse) will probably be suspended or transferred or something.

BUT are we closer to the truth?

Nope. Sure doesn’t look that way.

There are insinuations at most, which is far from even the balance of probability level of evidence required in civil proceedings, much less the beyond reasonable doubt vis-à-vis criminal ones.

Maybe the panel forming the RCI can find a coherent straw from the mish mash of information and misinformation, but it sure seemed that the truth passed along with the deceased that fateful day in July 2009.

It was the same open ended ending in the Sarawak Department of Environment (DOE) investigating officer Rumie Azzan’s case, wasn’t it?

All these (not the tragic death but the ecstasy of disclosures of something-rotten-in the-closet and the surety of its blanky (got ahh, this word?) aftermath) is highly reminiscent of something.

Now, what could that be?

Should we be reading so much into the postponement of the RCI of one day? Again, insinuations here especially in the light of self-damning responses from MACC's own officers.

NST reported the postponement coming as "much to the surprise of reporters and several witnesses who turned up", quoting spokesperson, while Bernama cited "all witnesses for the week had testified".

Fish sold by katis
Veges goes by ikats
Witnesses for RCIs
Goes by weekly batches

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