Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sheared Daffodils

Her seconds are minutes, are hours prolonged
Searing cold caressing her nights, dreamless on edge
Chilling warmth as her days slowly passed
Centurion months compressing her spirit’s age

She dares not move her lifeless limbs
The spreading numbness a welcomed sensation
Unceasing screaming ceased, warily suppressed
An ending (please God) a much awaited vocation
Gone are the laughter, the smiles, the giggles
Moments long taken flight from the life she knows
Memories unadorned and estranged emotions
Leaving her a husk, a being, a life soulless

She knows that she should hate
Develop an enmity withhold a rage
For a life forsaken, a future damaged
Of broken promises, of trusts ravaged

Yet she longs for loves' return
Of calming influence, of needs unspoken
Of hugs, kisses, and spontaneous affections
An ending (please God) a closure yearns

Please God, let it be her swan song, this closure she earns..  

Monday, 29 June 2015

Penentuan Pahala Posa aka PPP.

Kalau ikut kata Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Jamil Khir, posting ni akan mengurangkan pahala puasa kalau ada sebut pasai 1MDB yang ada berunsur fitnah atau seangkatan dengannya.

Like, Forward, Komen dan lain2 yang berkaitan yang banyak2 tu pun sangkut gak, katanya di sini.

Agaknya kalau tanya kemusykilan tapi dengan nada penuh sinis kurang tak yek? Kurang jugak rasanya.

DAP punya Tony Pua seronokla sebab dia tak posa. Boleh belasah sungguh – sungguh bab ni.

Sarawak Report punya Clare Rewcastle Brown pun okay gak.

Kita – kita yang Melayu Muslim ni sangkut la. Rafizi, SakMongkol, Aspan Alias, Kadir Jasin, Apanama dan lain - lain. Depa - depa la. Ramai baca lak tu..

Oleh sebab itu, saya akan posting pendek sangat2 hari ni dan ianya bukan pasal 1MDB dan isu - isu berkaitan dengannya.

Sebaliknya, saya nak cerita pasal beli komik Marvel “Secret Wars” (yang dulu, bukan yang sekarang; gambar sebelah kanan) dapat beli buku terbaru Tunku Halim “ A Malaysian Restaurant in London” (nun di sebelah kiri) murah 20%.

Nak tahu saya beli kat mana?

Kat Borders Mutiara Damansara.  Ala, Borders. Yang manager Melayu  Muslim dia tu pernah kena hambat ngan Jawi pasal buku la jugak. Cerita lama lah tapinya sebab la ni dah lepas dah.

Okay lah. Dah cukup setakat ni. Tak nak posting banyak sangat. Letih posa.

Kepada Pak2 Menteri yang berposa, selamat berbuka nanti, Insha-allah. 

Kalau nak bunyi Arab, iftar. Kat Kedai Mamak operate 24 jam pun boleh. 

Pahala dapat asalkan ber, ummm, iftar awal waktu no.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sordid Mayhem

There are some serious allegations against the New Straits Times on the whole Xavier Andre Justo storyline.

You can read this different take on the man formerly with Petrosaudi (1MDB’s one time JV Partner) who was arrested in Thailand recently for alleged blackmail and extortion charges.

Mind you, the picture of the arrest show a full array of uniformed men with automatic weapons. All very Bourne-like in fact.

(The picture is a scene from Bourne Identity, which RTM2 has graciously brought to the idiot box last week or the other. Thank you, guys.)

Anyway, the ever gungho Sarawak Report has cast aspersions on the, urm, reputations of the New Straits Times reporting on Xavier. 

The NST piece (read and you’ll understand this use of phrase) state amongst others: “How could such a sorry figure have ignited a major Malaysian political storm?”

Hmm… Haven’t read the NST for a while now but I am quite shock with the style of writing. No byline on the online report though.

Probably the upcoming trial of Mr Justo will be followed closely by all parties interested in this development on Petrosaudi that is one of the many concerns with regards Malaysia’s 1MDB.

It would be interesting to see what sort of information will come out from this trial and if at all, the MSM will accord it ample print page. 

Very sordid affair, this. You'd have to wonder where it will go finally.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hot, Squirming Grill

Ever listened to BFM’s Business Grill? It’s often done live and sometime you can hear the “grilled” squirming in discomfort.

This morning it was FGV’s group president and CEO Dr Mohammed Emir Mavani Abdullah “appearing” and my God, it was a good grilling.

Of course, it was on no other but FGV’s proposed purchase of plantation assets from Peter Sondakh’s Rajawali Group in Indonesia.

Among the questions asked by (I think it was) Huang were:

Why FGV paid an over the top 23% downpayment:
FGV wanted to show its seriousness.

Is FGV overpaying?

Is FGV overpaying again having done so in earlier M&A?

Rajawali’s landbank is 1/3 planted, while the rest is unplanted nor without permit?

Why did EPF sell of its shares to become a minority? Does it not believe in the vision / strategy of FGV?
FGV is a long term investment

I am paraphrasing, of course, and it would be better to wait for the podcast to come out.

The way Emir was answering the questions asked were not exactly suited to the Breakfast grill style.

He was going in a roundabout way of getting to his point of contention and the host had to interject quite frequently in order to get to the crux of his answer.

It sure made him looked “grilled”, really.

Why should we care if FGV is overpaying in its venture?

We should.

There’s just way too much hanky panky going on in this country where our “guardians” are concerned…

Friday, 19 June 2015

Light Be There or Whatever La

One after another: You’d have to finally wonder, “WHY IS IT AROUND IN THE FIRST PLACE?”

Tun Razak Exchange, Bandar Malaysia, Edra, sponsorship to Mecca, PetroSaudi et cetera.

Semuanya in the news for one thing or the other but THEY are always never on developmental progress.

Now this one: TNB to take on Jimmah Powerplant, originally “won” by 1MDB.

Surely TNB will not want to overpay for something that has not taken off.

It’s all diawang – awangan at the moment, and all TNB is taking on is the development job with an aforementioned future tariff chargeable in store.

Wonder how much this will cost yet another of our country’s GLC in the never ending saga that is Najib’s 1MDB…

Ah well...

Que Sera Sera as always...