Thursday, 7 April 2011

Crushing Minutes

Dread creeps fast yet silent
Filling gaps in her mind
Leaving reasons in the farthest reaches
Could it be, could it be
Her quiet shudder
Her silent mouthing
Lips once luscious go dry
As her heart quickens

Flashing neon in the not quite distant
A foreground of murmurs, of rumours
A multitude of meaningful, meaningless words
Rising in pitch clambering, out shouting
What is what is it she says
Words that did not escape a mouth cupped
Trembling, those dry, dry lips

Not him (He’s always early)
Not him (He’d always call)
Not him (He’s rock steady)
Not him (He’d never fail me)
Not him (PleasenothimpleaseGodpleaseIbegyouplease)
Not him, she thinks, she prays
As eager strangers piled forward

Is that (a bloodied limb?) she spied
Murder, someone offered
Robbery, says another
Personal violation all the same
Most foul, most vile still
An empty alley vacant no longer

(Usually calls)
A steady demeanour no more
(Always early)
Unsteady knees close to buckling
(Where is he where is he)
Her hand grasping, seeking
Finding nothing but shoulders of strangers
Strangers... strangers total

Nina, Nina
(Why do I hear him now)
(My mind my mind is it gone?)
Strong hands steadied her
Recognised the warmth, she turns to see
A face sporting a thousand guilty faces
A wearied smile disguising a haunted look
So sorry, so sorry
It’s not like me to be so late, he says
Too many things, too caught up in everything
He says.

You've answered my prayers
Words rushing as tears flow freely
A soul unworthy within she cries
A heart grateful, a woman assured
She held his hands, stared into his eyes
That glistens (love? she's sure)

Then she remembered
Of the stranger
In a once deserted alley
Who could he/she be?

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