Friday, 30 August 2013

In the Merdeka Spirit

In the spirit of Merdeka, I’ve gone and bought “The Reluctant Politician”.

I know I’m seven years too late but I’ve never gotten round to either buying or reading a borrowed copy.

Along came the Tanda Putra re-showing, and I’d have to say that my interests perked up again over the book.

A visit of UM and its bookshop at the Perdana Siswa complex bore fruit as there was a single copy available.

Just as the opening few pages of Reza Aslan’s “Tiada Tuhan Melainkan Allah” saw me buying a copy and reading it in toto, Reluctant Politician’s foreward  by Tun Salleh Abbas provides an equally magnetic opening for the book.

It has been ages since I last read a good historical book / novel with the last being Farish Noor’s “What the teacher didn’t tell you” which was a really difficult title to finish as it was written in a very academic manner; i.e. complete with citations and footnotes galore.

Suffice to say, I’d like a fair amount of (ahem) “creative license” in my readings to add a certain zest to an otherwise dry subject.

Not lies, though. There’s really a clear line between fact, fiction and creative interpretations.

Let’s see if I can finish reading “The Reluctant Politician” in a single weekend.  A much better way to pass this weekend than going out to watch the Merdeka Parade or “Tanda Putra”, I suppose.

Now if only Dina (“I am Muslim”) Zaman would finish her Memali Revisit. I’d buy and read THAT.

And, before I forget, Happy 56th year of Kemerdekaan, everyone.

Friday, 23 August 2013

A Book's Due, I Say

I’m wondering now as to what will happen next to the duo.

Seven years is a fairly long period of time to be reminiscing over the whole thing and with all the speculations brewing with no closure in sight, Azilah and Sirul should get a ghostwriter to put pen to paper.

But seriously, we should have seen their release coming, shouldn’t we?

So many mis-or-non directions were made during the trial - something which the Court of Appeal addressed in its judgment – that would have made any conviction unsafe anyway.

And, as The Malaysian Insider paraphrased it: The court also found that the trial judge made no finding on whether the prosecution has established that there was a pre-arranged plan by the appellants to commit murder.

Is this in reference to the motive thingy? On the "WHY?"?

More legal-centric minds would be able to decipher this. 

So, what now?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Reminding Myself its Ramadhan..

Some of us are so bloody, bleeping paranoids.

Forgive me Lord for my harsh words and strong feelings today despite my being in Ramadhan.

Its just that SOME QUARTERS (a seemingly much favoured phrase of some reporters) are on dangerous mode on the pretext of upholding the sanctity of your Ad - Deen.

And pitching what was something coming from the heart of a fellow worshiper into a "THEM against US" paranoia.

Thank you Lord for making SOME QUARTERS falling flat on their faces to discover it to be otherwise.

But I am shocked that the dog trainer is now paying the price and treated like a criminal for her kind intentions to another of your creations.

I pray for Your protection as she undergoes a torrid episode of her life and I pray too that she does not lose any faith in You and see the Hikmah behind everything that happens to all of us.

Forgive me Lord again for my wayward thoughts as recorded.


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