Friday, 29 April 2011

Dreamy Drizzle

Today’s a good morning
Though no sun rays peep through cottony white clouds
A great start to the day
Despite the dollopy drops of water falling from the heavens

It's raining, pouring

Blessed be the ticking seconds
So deep a man in his Zikrullah, muffling a thunderclap in the distant
Invigorating goes the minutes
Cascading shower on naked skin, cooling cleansing, a loving so tender

Thoughtful, worthy minutes pass
As drivers ponder an airwave sermon, their rides stationary in a choked waterlogged highway
Unbridled freedom from self made walls,
Breathed a man with a thousand employees, trading air-conditioned cell with the outdoors unshackled

So falls the rain

Such warmth
Thinks a boy, soaked, drenched head to toe as he dances a jiggly wiggle
What joy
Giggles a girl, bare feet, bottom submerged in a green-hued moat of a grassy mini castle

A gift so blissful
A gesture so beautiful

Let fall the rain…

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