Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Banquet Ignoble

Amidst noisy chatter, they sliced and they diced
Steel to wood, up and down side to side
A hand swats a buzzing irritant enticed
A heady mix of sweat scented allure

Ketchup and soy, salt and sugar
A syrupy sauce, a bubbly concoct
He spits to his side uncared aghast
Spatula in hand empty pot his disgust

Woof woof they circled a boned carcass
Earth red furs blanketing strewn hoofs
Six, seven, eight, counted the children
Stick in hands shooing hushing cackling

Tuk Tuk Tung the signal came
They are here, he is here, they say
To everyone, to no one, to all
They know, we know, all of them know

A banquet, a meal, three four dishes in all
Appetizer none (what is that) rice plenty
A curry something, a chili same thing
Salad on the side, all green and crunchy

He is here, he is here
Is the food ready, became the chatter
It’s ready but let him speak
Let’s hope it’s short not saccharine sweet

A wonderful meal of a worthy meat
Speared yesterday slaughtered soon after
It’s a must, it’s a must they told them so
Remnant advice from a forgotten stranger

Wonderful allusion, praiseful words
Something about caring, something of concern
Arabic quotes in the middle none understands
Tummy growling oh when oh when

The feast is on, the line is ready
Stacked plates, plastic, orange in hue
Fingers for forks, spoons and gravy
Children first, womenfolk the last
An adulatory banquet
A day of plenty.

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