Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Crystalline Longings

Listening, he hears words
Words that reaches to his left, his right
Front and back, the soliloquy flows
Slipping past, passing through,
Whistling phrases breeze
As cold as mountain stream
Hot as the streaming lava
A staccato of phrases
Touching hearts and minds
As tears flows freely
Why does he remain empty
Tears in eyes red from strains of innocence
Coddled souls in search of salvation
He peers bewildered
Spying a child cocooned in a grown man's husk
Weeping silently,
Fingers hiding in vain a steady flow
Tears, abundant tears
He hears the words
A silent rendition
He thinks then of a time
A time when he hears the words
Every vein, each pore
Overwhelming, humbling words
As a crystalline heart melts

He longs for the words
He longs for the feeling
He longs for tears flowing freely
Listening and hearing
Recounting of a sacrifice unrepeated
A love trascending time
For total strangers
The sharing a single love
The praying for a simple solace
The searching for a accepted redha
He longs for such moments
When tears flows freely...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the work you have put into the post, it helps clear away a few questions I had.