Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Spiking Copies

My heart sure goes out to the Chief Editors of the Malaysian news media.

It has been quite the frenzy feast with controversial (juicy?) stories and attention grabbing headlines rushing headlong into the laps of our overworked Fourth Estate the last few weeks (Months?).

And today, another MACC related death.

With the Sarawak state elections revving up.

Not to mention the two videos of alleged sexual shenanigan of a so-called prominent politician who some thinks is a top draw for the Prime Minister’s position should he be afforded the opportunity.

There's an on-going Royal Commission of Inquiry of an earlier MACC's witness death.

May I also remind of the Customs department’s personnel alleged billion Ringgits siphoning of national would/could/should be revenues.

Or even the AlKitab compromise cum negotiations controversy that seemed to have escape some national dailies...

So many things pandering their already divided attention that I wonder if our newspaper men and women have time to breathe, much less eat, rest and do whatever it is that the rest of us do in our free time. (Blog, perhaps?)

Those are the current ones, but there are many others that simmer just beneath the readers’ (news) consciousness.

Shall we give these a go?

There’s the PKFZ inflated cost saga, the ongoing sodomy trial of a certain politician who many seems to think as Prime Minister material, RCIs that never seems to have closures, a displaced renegade anti establishment blogger, huge arm spendings we can seemingly ill afford, bleeding of the national coffers year in and year out through sheer (alleged) negligence and (alleged) inflating of bids and tenders, allegedly rigged ones, horrific crimes that remained unsolved…

I got tired of thinking them out and simply gave up at the dot dot dot.

I don’t begrudge the odd (is there any?) Chief Editor who decides to throw the towel (or spike the copy..heh) on hot controversial reads and zoom instead to the feel-good ones.

Alas, these headlines are either too few and far in between, or smack too much of political hypes and gerrymandering.

Hence my own hiatus from commentaries; turning instead to rambling, pathetic attempts at nonsensical lyrical (I hope!) writings.

Unlike my former colleagues/bosses/compatriots, I am plain tired of grabbing headlines.

Now, if only I can veer my eyes away from them…

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