Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lest We Forget: Hope was also in the Pandora's Box

I think it’s gonna be until death do us part lah with the Cabinet reshuffling.

Not that there was any hope with all the smiles and the bravado shown, but the minor rumbling showed a glimmers of the balls that should’ve been with the men (and women) supposedly the leaders of this fine country.

And, Kadir Jasin spoke too soon about the Task Force being hard to sabotage with Gani Patail out of the picture and a new guy in place.

Is Nur Jazlan a Deputy Minister? What happens to the Parliamentary PAC now?

This is a classic middle finger to the largely middle, liberal class who have been (I think) rancorous on the whole 1MDB saga.

“If I go down, you get Zahid Hamidi” kind of statement.

Not that Muhyiddin (Malay first, Malaysia second) is any better but at least he shown a measure of balls on the issue of 1MDB and the alleged transfer of monies into personal accounts.

(Not conscience, though. Had it been this, MY would have quit the Cabinet looooong ago..)

So what happens now?

God knows but it sure looks like either an NFA or a write off is in the offing. 

** Footnote: Art on Death from DC's Sandman by Jason Paz.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Lest We All Go Off The Edge

Thursday, 23 July 2015

To be in the Know

Had a long chat two days ago with a longtime friend who’s now a fairly successful corporate on – what else? - the whole shitty situation on the 1MDB controversy.

Turns out he’s quite in the know on things and I figured he needed an outlet to rant out his misgivings with yours truly the only one amongst compatriots who is left leaning vis-à-vis Umno and its cohort.

That’s what I think la.
Anyway, he confirmed some things I already knew, reaffirmed some which many have suspected and provide some rather shocking new “gossipy” (since it will never possibly be proven) details.

Oh what a web of deceit the whole thing weave!

Explains a whole lot if true.

A hint: it has to do with those leading the so called 1MDB task force. I shall say no more.

Anyway, things are coming to a boil now; Dow Jones has officially replied Najib’s lawyers’ letter of, urm, clarification, Bloomberg’s chipped in with its own piece, arrests have been, accounts frozen (in Singapore: Yowza!)…

Yup, boiling.

I wonder if those in Umno do not feel even slightly the rising temperature.

Surely they are still those in the party who could see the Dinosaur that is right smack in the middle of the 1MDB debacle. Ke tak ada? Tunggu masa je lah kalau ya..

Funny (or tragic, depending on your view), TV3 and its ilk are going all Gung Ho on the so-called tell all by the duo Lester and Rao, slips ups notwithstanding.

Coming so late in the aftermath, the tell-all is at best a lame diversion.

Back to the chat; he sounded exasperated really, like being stuck with too many a rotting molars.

I can tell he’s stuck in the middle of it all and can’t wait for the ending, protracted as it is.

I’m just thankful I’m watching from outside. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Here's to a Sobering* Eid Ul Fitr

* No, its the other sobering, not the one you're thinking about.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to everyone.

1MDB and its controversies won't go away.

Neither will the nasty, politically-charged up environment we have.

Or race-related conundrum which seems to take forever to settle.

Nor the hassles of living in a tight, money driven economy.

Nah. Won't go away at a wink.

This year's 1st of Syawal will, however, in two days time.

Following closely the going away of this year's Ramadhan, the month of fasting.

So, let's make it a sobering Eidul Fitri celebration.

It's really is up to us and nobody else.


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wot in Heaven's Name?!

Why the hell does Dr Victor Von Doom go iron glove-to-indestructible-shield when he could have just blasted Cap Steve Rogers America to smithereens and tiny bits and pieces with his, urm, power blasts or something.

Must be the megalomaniac tendencies at work here: the satisfaction of doing one owns handiwork, in this case to pummel, pound and bash (Bah!) puny American icon.


He certainly got balls, this Victor Von Doom. Probably made of iron, too.

Unlike some people we know.

Anyhow, I have never come across this Marvel titles of "Super Villain Team-Up."

Not some lame-O characters ganging up, but super duper ones like Dr Doom and the Red Skull.

Nah.. It's probably a very, very short-lived teaming up as two megalomaniacs won't make it through the courtship.

Adios, folks. Be careless with your postings, okay.


Nuff' said. Ciao.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


It’s the same old shit la.

Scandals upon scandals, allegations after allegations, supposed proofs after supposed proofs.

And what do we have in return?



What are we to make of these?

We are nothing but numbers. Insignificant until the general election.

The rest of the time: INSIGNIFICANT.

We’re better off minding our god damn business and let the country rot right down to our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren.

How many generations is that?

The bleeping USD700m alleged slush fund could certainly fund the shopping spree of several generations of SIGNIFICANT ONES.

Us? Like I said. Insignificant. Less than a gnat.

Rant all you want. Blog. Tweet. FB posts.

The  SIGNIFICANT ONES don’t give a bleep.

How’s that for a dose of reality?

Picture is of no bleeping significance either. Just bleeping love the bleeping image.