Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bottled Genie

Well, well. Looks who back in the limelight.

It was two posts ago that I mentioned him and hey presto, like the genie in the bottle (with thanks to Christina Aguilera) we have him pasted all over the news – online, print and even the idiot box.

Not all bad though things though as RPK did re-clarify that the allegation against the two Lieutenant Colonels are, well, allegations from a third LC.

What gives, though? Why now? Why TV3? Whazzup, Tengku?

To distract us from the Sarawak (buy) state elections? To add more straws on he-who-everyone-thinks-will be/should be/could be/may well be-Prime Minister’s already heavily burdened back? To add spice to the already colorful Malaysian political scenes?

Perhaps it the latter.

The Sarawak (buy) State election seemed to be fast turning into an ala-Middle east uprising against a long-time alleged despot, so I doubt if it all the shit about him-with-the-burdened-back will mattered.

Sarawakians disgusted with the rule of Taib M and the vast wealth gained through business acumen yada yada will vote against him, and those who think he’s done good will vote for him.

And the rest of the Candidates? Cogs in the wheel.

Commentators have spoken about the need to rebuild Sarawak, to allow more access to the riches that the state has.

Reading the vibe from the Middle East uprising, this has also been the central theme which has seen much bloodshed.

I’ve never been to Sarawak and the closest I got was a plan cancelled by the foot and mouth disease scare of 2006. Alas.

But there are enough to suggest for a rallying call to change, and change for the better.

You can’t forever be living hand to mouth after all.

Or the occasional vote-buying handouts.

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