Monday, 29 September 2008

Sexual Shenanigans

I find it astounding, and disturbingly worrisome, that there has been a really subdued response to news of sexual shenanigans – and featuring lesbians at that! – at a school in Pahang with video clippings apparently making their rounds.

Undoubtedly, the clippings would probably find their way to youtube (if they were not uploaded already).

There’s no doubting that the sexual assaults (even if they fell short of rape) would leave a mark on the victim’s psyche and leave her susceptible to more abuses especially with the recorded acts being passed from one eye to another.

Is this not something that is serious to warrant an immediate feedback?

A week went between the first report on Sept 23 , and the second on Sept 29 , and the silence is deafening.

(Update: This newsbreak came in online at 3.48pm today : Female students involved in sex video suspended from school . About time somebody does something.)

Parents reading such horror stories would be of two minds to send their children to schools if nothing is done to ensure their safety and well being.

Sex in schools have long been a “spoken about but never really ascertained the truthfulness” kind of gossip.

Even during my boarding school days, we would hear of alleged sexual liaisons between teachers and students – sometime of different sexes, sometimes the same – as well as tales of sexual escapades between fellow schoolmates.

These could be true; they could be false. There is no way to know for sure and they remained gossips without any clear proof.

Video recordings (or any recordings for that matter) take the absurdity and gossipy fun out of the matter and makes it a crime.

The victims in such cases are vitimised even more from the act being put in the public center stage. We are talking about 14-year old schoolgirls, for goodness sakes.

It could be anyone’s daughter who is at the receiving end of something so shameless.

So why aren’t there widespread indignation? Are we too absorbed with politics that something so heinous can be relegated to mere sidebar stories?

I sincerely hope that is not the case.

Innocence, so beautifully depicted in this painting by American artist Daniel Gerhartz, has to be protected lest there is no more shine in the world.

Innocence, Daniel Gerhatz

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