Monday, 22 September 2008

World Car Free Day aka Missed Opportunity

A Good Call

It’s a definite irony that I heard for the first time (shame on me!!) about the World Car Free Day stuck in a traffic jam whilst driving to work this morning.

Not that I could’ve done anything even if the knowledge of such an initiative had come earlier, but it was nonetheless a missed opportunity to do something good, to give something back to Mother Earth.

Of course, it had to also be on a Monday this year for a test of resolution and commitment to do good, but I would have imagined that things would probably be status quo for Malaysian motorists any which way.

I wonder, too, if any of our leaders would do something similarly philanthropic as did Lee "Cycling President" Myung-bak to celebrate the World Car Free Day.

There were nonetheless some levels of coercion on the part of the authorities by way of roadblocks and actual buses-only lanes, but there was no mistaking the political will to celebrate such an occasion.

Is it a worthwhile escapade to undertake every Sept 22?

Do we really have to ask?

Next year, then.

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