Monday, 6 October 2008

Private Perceptions

I was at home in Kluang for the Aidil Fitri but wishing I was elsewhere.

Having been raised by my grandparents together with an elder sister, I have never managed the art of being close to both Mom and Dad.
The town's namesake hardly seen these days..
Conversations tended to be forced, stilted and very formal. Mom has the tendency to hearing without actually listening, while Dad was just slightly aloof and too regimented.

They get along really well with my younger sister (whom they raised on their own from young) though.

That late evening of Syawal 1st, I discovered another share similarities in both Mom and younger Sis: that of a hatred for Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for perceived anti Islam stand.

As they spew venom against TK, I came to realize that their sentiments were similar to that of a mainstream newspaper accused of targeting the DAP MP in its sights.

Probably Mom and Sis both did not bother the read ALL the news on the issue, sticking instead to the headlines, some quotes and, perhaps, some anecdotes from friends and relatives.

Incidentally, Mom and Dad are both staunch Umno supporters. Don’t know about Sis, but her hubby is the younger brother of a prominent Umno Pahang politician.

They quieted down when I impressed on them that there was a lack of fair play and justice in the matter, as similar actions are not being taken against others who are playing and fanning the racial embers simply because of their political affiliation.
Who is this Judge Dredd?
On a roll, I spoke at length the preamble of the (much talked and highly dreaded) ISA, its intended use and how its usage in detaining TK, Raja Petra and the Sin Chiew journalist was unjustified.

Whether or not they accept what I said I do not know. I sincerely hope that some of what I said filtered through, but I doubt if it would be lasting.

The conversation came back to me as I read Malik Imtiaz’s latest posting especially where he wrote:

"As much as the current Home Affairs Minister may think he is Judge Dredd (tread with caution, the image of the Minister in leather, zips and boots is not for the faint hearted), he should perhaps appreciate more fully that Malaysia is not facing the kind of apocalyptic prospect that the ISA was designed for.”

His warnings came too late for me. :)

Though no fan of Judge (Joe, Joseph, Stallone?)“I am Da Law” Dredd, I have a fair share of his exploits in my comics collections.

Dredd’s Mega City One is not a future I wish my children, their children and their children’s children to be a part of.

But it’s surely a place where our ISA would fit right in.


rizal hashim said...

Bro you Kluang kat mana? My late grandparents kat Kg Melayu, jalan dahlia

megaman said...

Sigh ...

So many ppl nowadays walk with only an eye opened ...

Some even wander around with both eyes closed ...

How to see the TRUTH if you can't even accept a different opinion or look at things from a different perspective ?

Am I tired of talking to friends, relatives, anybody about this. Once a person forms an impression, he/she is more or less stuck.
Such is the folly of the ignorant.