Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Love and Hate

Somebody in Utusan must really love Seputeh MP Teresa Kok (referred to as TK after this).

Open their Dalam Negeri section (Online Edition) and you can read six reports on her, including a full “makanan tidak sedap slightly better than dog food” interview transcript.


You’d think she is the Prime Minister or at the very least the Opposition leader to warrant such an extensive coverage.

What’s clear, though, is a blatant "missing the forest for the trees" via the diverting of attention from the main issue of her detention under the ISA for alleged “crimes” which TK denies adamantly.

This point is conveniently disregarded in the midst of the euphoria to “belasah TK cukup – cukup” on her remarks.

While I have never seen the food served to ISA detainees (touch wood!), my Courts beat those days in the (old) Malay Mail did provide some peeks on the lunch served at the police and court lockups.

Something like this, but with tonnes more curry.

Nasi Bungkus: Sama tapi tak serupa.
Being mostly “kuah taruh atas” serving, TK would probably not like those very much but I suspect, those who love Nasi Kandar and the likes would not mind them at all.

I am one such, probably one of many.

The difference is that we – those outside – have a choice if we want to eat something else instead.

From Sept 12 to 19, TK was denied such luxury.

If we’re in her shoes, I bet we’d “merungut” too.

ISA must GO!

But that would be the least of our concerns with the Sword of Damocles of a possible continued detention without trial a mere signature away.

Happened to Raja Petra , who joins others in Kamunting today onwards.

Will he be the last?

Not as long as the Act is around.


Mariuca said...

Hola! Thanks so much for visiting Mariuca's blog, hope to see u back yeah? ;)

MM did another story on the food at detention centres today! I was in MM too, that's why it's my fave paper until now LOL! :)

rizal hashim said...

mon ami,

do drop by at azizhassan.blogspot.com on issues concerning ISA. anyway i love telur goreng mata lembu/kerbau...Eid Mubarak from moi,