Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Treading Broken, Unlaid Paths

Where does our future lie, really?

After all that is said and done, things are pretty much Status Quo politically.

For all the internal and external bickering and the large groundswell on social activism, BN is still the governing coalition and the Pakatan Rakyat a RIP item.

Back to square one? Or is it ZERO?

There are rumblings of a PAS alternative in the GHB (Gerakan Harapan Baru) to jump start a reborn Pakatan Rakyat, but really: Why are we going the route of such positioning?


We are going to ZERO.

For all the posturing, racial politics and realism are too deeply embedded in us and it remains to be seen when we can break out of this self-imposed / inculcated mind / soul tyranny.

Would the passing out (note that I am not using the word passing away) of our more senior coterie of politicians move us towards this end?

Alas, there seems to be more tokenism of such a utopian objective rather than substance so far and I loath to name of any personalities whom we can positively state as being the ones (not one but many, we need a team) who could bring the country to the heights it should have attain.

Letih la kadang - kadang.

But when you think of the generations to come, and the generations that had been waylaid by unscrupulous money loving, conniving politicians, you realise that it’s a long path that needs to be trodden.

Even if it is one foot forward and a giant backward, kung fu like back flip.

For the sake our children’s children.

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