Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Exercise in Banality

Ministers "sacked". Jobs lost. Positions given up. Office ransacked. Reputations sullied.

And then, our MACC came out with this banal of a most obvious statement:

Huh? I mean, whazzup there Yo?! You guys high on sumthin’?!

If you know the moollah came NOT from 1MDB then it’s no longer alleged, ain’t it right?

MI second main man Jahabir Sadiq puts things more succinctly:“MACC RM2.6 billion probe states the obvious, yet says nothing.”

The statement from MACC is akin to 1MDB’s Arul Kanda’s "Dr Mahathir got it wrong" about the company’s RM3b cost of debt servicing.

Then Husni Hanadzlah came out and officially states that it’s in fact somewhere between RM2.4 to RM2.7b annually.

Of course I am paraphrasing both la…

Like, whazzup really?

Playing on pure semantics.

And of course, the donors are anonymous as at this point in time though everybody’s on the gravepine thinks it’s from the Middle East.

RM2.6b into a personal account anywhere would ring alarm bells so hard that eardrums within the vicinity would shatter.

Here? We take bleeping bloody forever to come with a statement that IT DIDN’T COME FROM SO AND SO.


We should have an institution set up here specializing in teaching this art we seem to have really mastered.

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