Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lest We Forget: Hope was also in the Pandora's Box

I think it’s gonna be until death do us part lah with the Cabinet reshuffling.

Not that there was any hope with all the smiles and the bravado shown, but the minor rumbling showed a glimmers of the balls that should’ve been with the men (and women) supposedly the leaders of this fine country.

And, Kadir Jasin spoke too soon about the Task Force being hard to sabotage with Gani Patail out of the picture and a new guy in place.

Is Nur Jazlan a Deputy Minister? What happens to the Parliamentary PAC now?

This is a classic middle finger to the largely middle, liberal class who have been (I think) rancorous on the whole 1MDB saga.

“If I go down, you get Zahid Hamidi” kind of statement.

Not that Muhyiddin (Malay first, Malaysia second) is any better but at least he shown a measure of balls on the issue of 1MDB and the alleged transfer of monies into personal accounts.

(Not conscience, though. Had it been this, MY would have quit the Cabinet looooong ago..)

So what happens now?

God knows but it sure looks like either an NFA or a write off is in the offing. 

** Footnote: Art on Death from DC's Sandman by Jason Paz.

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