Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wot in Heaven's Name?!

Why the hell does Dr Victor Von Doom go iron glove-to-indestructible-shield when he could have just blasted Cap Steve Rogers America to smithereens and tiny bits and pieces with his, urm, power blasts or something.

Must be the megalomaniac tendencies at work here: the satisfaction of doing one owns handiwork, in this case to pummel, pound and bash (Bah!) puny American icon.


He certainly got balls, this Victor Von Doom. Probably made of iron, too.

Unlike some people we know.

Anyhow, I have never come across this Marvel titles of "Super Villain Team-Up."

Not some lame-O characters ganging up, but super duper ones like Dr Doom and the Red Skull.

Nah.. It's probably a very, very short-lived teaming up as two megalomaniacs won't make it through the courtship.

Adios, folks. Be careless with your postings, okay.


Nuff' said. Ciao.

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