Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sordid Mayhem

There are some serious allegations against the New Straits Times on the whole Xavier Andre Justo storyline.

You can read this different take on the man formerly with Petrosaudi (1MDB’s one time JV Partner) who was arrested in Thailand recently for alleged blackmail and extortion charges.

Mind you, the picture of the arrest show a full array of uniformed men with automatic weapons. All very Bourne-like in fact.

(The picture is a scene from Bourne Identity, which RTM2 has graciously brought to the idiot box last week or the other. Thank you, guys.)

Anyway, the ever gungho Sarawak Report has cast aspersions on the, urm, reputations of the New Straits Times reporting on Xavier. 

The NST piece (read and you’ll understand this use of phrase) state amongst others: “How could such a sorry figure have ignited a major Malaysian political storm?”

Hmm… Haven’t read the NST for a while now but I am quite shock with the style of writing. No byline on the online report though.

Probably the upcoming trial of Mr Justo will be followed closely by all parties interested in this development on Petrosaudi that is one of the many concerns with regards Malaysia’s 1MDB.

It would be interesting to see what sort of information will come out from this trial and if at all, the MSM will accord it ample print page. 

Very sordid affair, this. You'd have to wonder where it will go finally.

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