Friday, 19 June 2015

Light Be There or Whatever La

One after another: You’d have to finally wonder, “WHY IS IT AROUND IN THE FIRST PLACE?”

Tun Razak Exchange, Bandar Malaysia, Edra, sponsorship to Mecca, PetroSaudi et cetera.

Semuanya in the news for one thing or the other but THEY are always never on developmental progress.

Now this one: TNB to take on Jimmah Powerplant, originally “won” by 1MDB.

Surely TNB will not want to overpay for something that has not taken off.

It’s all diawang – awangan at the moment, and all TNB is taking on is the development job with an aforementioned future tariff chargeable in store.

Wonder how much this will cost yet another of our country’s GLC in the never ending saga that is Najib’s 1MDB…

Ah well...

Que Sera Sera as always...

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