Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sheared Daffodils

Her seconds are minutes, are hours prolonged
Searing cold caressing her nights, dreamless on edge
Chilling warmth as her days slowly passed
Centurion months compressing her spirit’s age

She dares not move her lifeless limbs
The spreading numbness a welcomed sensation
Unceasing screaming ceased, warily suppressed
An ending (please God) a much awaited vocation
Gone are the laughter, the smiles, the giggles
Moments long taken flight from the life she knows
Memories unadorned and estranged emotions
Leaving her a husk, a being, a life soulless

She knows that she should hate
Develop an enmity withhold a rage
For a life forsaken, a future damaged
Of broken promises, of trusts ravaged

Yet she longs for loves' return
Of calming influence, of needs unspoken
Of hugs, kisses, and spontaneous affections
An ending (please God) a closure yearns

Please God, let it be her swan song, this closure she earns..  

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