Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shylock Empathies

“If we reduce it to 2.5 per cent, it will be RM161. It is only RM82 difference.”

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

One statement is all it takes to show the EPF funding for the non-eligible-for-loans-poor was never really per se about the supposed beneficiaries.


Just how far removed is RNC from the realities of those who have to tighten their belts for life's daily grind, I wonder?

RM82 is enough to cover a school going child’s pocket money for at least a month.

RM82 is enough to pay the water and electricity bills.

RM82 is often the difference between having decent food to put on the table for a whole month or resorting to instant noodles every time.

Not that if the cut is made then it’s all kosher where the scheme is concerned.

Such an act would make the whole scheme even more unreasonably unfair to EPF's contributors.

If he is so intent in helping the poor, venture building homes that can be owned by paying the monthly lease / rentals for a certain time span.

That way you will not have a group of supposedly “poor” house-owners making good monthly income from renting out their units (units, mind you!!!) to others.

For a government that can shell out Billions in Ringgits to build this and that and the other, what’s a mere few millions for such a lease-your-own-home scheme? Right?

After all, it is ONLY a few millions (give or take a few hundred thousands here and there in , ahem, administrative whatchamaccalit).

ONLY RM82, huh?

Jokes on us poor schmuks.

PS: Spare an Al Fatihah to poor Nurul Nadirah and all the other children who had to suffer death and worse at the hands of devils in human disguise. May God rest their souls.

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Hope said...

May God rest their souls. Amin.