Monday, 26 March 2012

Hop and Skitter

How I wish I was at a field
Grassy expanse providing seats unnumbered
Watching birds hop on their thin legs
Flitting from blades to shrubs to dandelions odd

I shut my eyes from the glare of the morning sun
Shaded so by sky cottons, white unblemished
Sharing space so vast a landscape so clear
A cheery visage of creation magical

Around the chatter of adults and children
Enjoying some bustling, yet, serenely quiet moments
The nuclear family of bygone days remembered
When life was simpler and toiling, fettered

Birds hop and skitter
Squirrels whiz and peer
Buzzards group and hover
An arena of nonchalance unhindered

Alas at the moment I am elsewhere
A blinded window my fixed portrait
Walled in pseudo-faked comforts so-called
Tapping away of plain husks words

Outside my glassy domain
A bird, black, on the ledge it stands
Spies through a break in blinds green
Perhaps it thinks, maybe it ponders
Why the coop, whence the surrender
A life imprisoned, a cocoon self made
As if flies away, the slight hint of smug
Of freedom afforded
And life expanded

How I wish I was at that field
Where birds hop and squirrels whiz

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