Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Populist Posturing

Be it June or September, there is already too much politically charged posturing from both camps of PR and BN that borders on the insane.

It is thus unfortunate that we are so chronically divided on party lines politically that you can’t get the best, a core group of administrator to govern and do what’s best for the country and its population.

And much as I loathe the excesses of the current (and past) BN government, there are still good people within a quietly rotting bunch.

Selangor’s Ronnie Liu is correct when he told the State Assembly: "It's irrelevant whether they have an Umno background or not. What is important is whether they are capable of doing their jobs."

That is exactly the way it should always be.

The system became rotten when those holding the purse began to act as brokers; earning commissions and thus leading to those seeking the contracts to inflate their tender prices to cater for such payments.

Let's call these “administrative costs”, why don't we?

Worse is that these commission earning acts aka duit kopi (shame on you!) is seemingly perpetuated by the lowest echelon right up to the highest levels.

Sidetrack: A colleague told me of her civil servant relative saying that if she does not (take), there will be others who will.

What a shitload of an excuse.

Once you accept such illicit acts as something that “everyone does”, then it becomes entrenched as nobody will be looking to rock the boat.

And that is exactly why the country is now deepshit in debt when every darn public procurement and contract is inflated by so and so percentage to cater for this group of leeches.


It is good to hear some PR leaders acknowledging that the ability to perform basically overrides political affiliations as this attitude can help close the political rift threatening to rend this country asunder.

Imagine if you will what would happen if this rift continues to broaden through divisive statements from both sides.

The whole country could be stuck in stalemate situations where by the losers are not gracious.

We saw that happening in Perak which was in limbo for a long while as BN just could not accept being the losing side.

If only we can be like Senegal, eh?

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