Friday, 16 March 2012

Culinary Kupangs

Dua Ringgit Tujuh Kupang the sum total
A breakfast dish of fried noodles, egg and sambal
Coffee own brewed at the office pantry
Company supplied, shared with colleagues and all sundry

Lunch time is always headache routinely expected
Of finding a place to eat, to nourish a stomach depleted
Mamak, Thai, Western or Bakery, which shall it be
Choices prompting expenses of differing degree

Prompt service is the Mamak’s promise
Titillating the tastebuds the Thai’s forte
Western’s plenty the halalness self perceive
Bakery’s safe, cheap and cheery a tad taedium vitae

There’s always the food court with menus plenty
Servers zipping one table to another all abuzzy
A heady mix of chats, laughs and office talk all gossipy
Not a place for one seeking an hour’s solace definitely

Whichever the choice have at least a Sepuluh Ringgit ready
With small change returned for the cheaper variety
Others look to add a few more notes blue, red depends
Good enough filler while waiting the workday ends

Dinner is a often a household chore
Between a quickie fastfood tapau the kids adore
Or a swift sauté, pan, and deep, all frying styles encore
To fill hourly window as the evening night restore

Once in while we’re allowed indulgence
In entrées and main courses in plush ambiance
Of menus exotic amidst so stylo an audience
A risque wallet adventure of sheer extravagance

That’s usually a plus plus affair
As pricing components queue up and pairs
Smiling cashiers exuding cheerful air
At their side, in bowls, some free chocolate éclairs

As you pay up daring the littlest in despair
Of money concerns and budgetary impairs...

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