Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wonderful Woes

Here’s to looking at the bigger picture.

There is a lesson to be learned and it’s not only on language and its many semantics.

(Note that all italics are mine.)

On July 1, there was this headline : “PKA defers RM660m payout for PKFZ project.”

News reports cited its chairman verbatim: “The PKA board has resolved, on the basis of preliminary and provisional views obtained, to withhold these payments pending the completion of the full review by the task force.”

Anyone following with an iota interest the PKFZ affair would have either cried in jubilation or in desperation.

Scarcely a week later, another headline sneaked in: “PKA board to release payment to trustees of bondholders.”

Verbatim quoting goes: “PKA has also received instructions from the Treasury that the board be mindful of the implications that might affect the confidence of local and foreign investors in the Malaysian private debt securities market.”

Rm660 million is not chicken feed by a fair margin.

Much is at stake for the players concerned in the whole affair which has since slowed down in its momentum after a hectic stretch of public discussion.

Look at the quotes, though.

Notice the phrase “on the basis of preliminary and provisional views obtained” in the first report.

Preliminary and provisional means exactly that: they are but the first steps in a process, one that has now moved on.

Seems like some very careful choosing of words on PKA’s part.

The Treasury’s instructions on “implications” and “confidence” seemed indicative that they weren’t part of the prelims.

Whatever the case may be, the money will (perhaps it already has) make its way into the coffers of its “rightful” owners.

As to where the money will come from: “The RM660mil has already been made available to the PKA by the Finance Ministry.”

This was also verbatim from the July 1 report.

Makes you wonder about all the fuss, doesn’t it?

What a wonderful world.

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