Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Raving Loony

Hulk Rave!The Star put it as a reversal.

That’s putting the decision to do away with “the teaching of Math and Science in English” policy very mildly.

To state the decision is not political is a load of bullshit.

The subjects will now be taught in multiple languages aka mother tongues.

Why not teach them only in Bahasa Malaysia for uniformity’s sake?

At least you can say that it’s would be for the country’s unity.

The students’ future.. Right, Tan Sri… right.

Imagine then that until the reversal takes place fully, the subjects would be taught in at least four languages.

From the Star: “Beginning 2012, students in Year One and Year Four in primary schools, and Form One and Form Four in secondary schools, will learn Math and Science in Bahasa Malaysia.

The change will not affect those in Form Six and Matriculation.

The two subjects will be taught in two languages until 2014 for other students.”

I hope they will not go stark raving mad.

Presumably some move could now be done to “gradually” undo the mistake of teaching our next generations in English and close the urban and rural gap.

The question must be then: closer to which point?

With evidence pointing to the most atrocious of proficiencies in the English language, could Muhyiddin “Reversal” Yassin truly say that an additional 90 minutes a week will help alleviate this deficiency?

Here’s another bummer of a justification from the Tan Sri:

“Only 19.2% of secondary teachers and 9.96% of primary teachers were sufficiently proficient in English.”

And why, pray tell, is this an important consideration?

Are 100% of teachers supposed to teach subjects in English that the small percentage be deemed crucial?

Whose fault is it that these teachers are not proficient? The students?

Maybe I am just overly emotional on this “reversal” (love this word.)

Perhaps, but I just read the UITM sports centre letter, and still remember the University Tun Hussein Onn advert debacle, so pardon my rants.

You can only take so much of “Powderful England” jokes.

Bollocks reversal.

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