Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Disjunctive Cognisance

Magic of choices
The “non-political” decision of relieving students from having to learn Maths and Science in a single language (English) has thrown another interesting challenge to the Ministry concerned.

Where the hell do we squeeze the additional plus+plus minutes to “enhance English proficiency”?

Proposed: to reduce the time for the teaching of Music, Science and Physical Education.

Great stuff, this.

Music and PE does nothing to enhance any school’s academic standing, so let’s just slash them away.

Never mind that some students find these periods as comforting breaks.

Or that music enlightens the soul and exercise strengthens the physical.

Science in the pack is a bit of a mystery.

Isn’t this very subject that started all this six years ago? Something about terms being in English causing our students to lag when it comes to mastering Sciences?

Was this a typo? This should be a no-can-go-there territory.

And God forbid anyone from mentioning reducing time for Arabic or Bahasa Malaysia or Pendidikan Islam.

Looks like we can kiss goodbye to Music and PE.

Sorry kids, can’t do much about that.

You have English Lit and Grammar to learn and master, and musical notes and limbering up would not help increase English proficiency.

Obviously in the euphoria of doing away with the six-year old policy, someone had forgotten the needs of the target group: the students, thus the juggling act.

What were they thinking, really?

Manek Urai, perhaps?

Snap elections, maybe?

After all, those wanting the policy to continue are probably urbanites, and many of these are already opposition heartlands anyway.

Makes total sense then why the decision was for mother tongues rather than Bahasa Malaysia. So much for unity in language, eh?

Wonder if Gapena is truly rejoicing this one.


Eeznor said...

true..its so apparent that our decision maker never done any studies before passing their intelligent findings!

they set a very good example to students:(

Raison D'etre said...

The "best" kind of example, actually.

The kind we are paying for even now with a community in decline.

Politics, Bahhh!!