Friday, 24 July 2009

Nervy Neighbours (aka A Gigantic Leap)

40 years ago we made a giant leap that sort of went nowhere.

Can we make a far more gigantic leap sometime this century? Can man (woman?) make it to Mars?

I don’t doubt that we will. It is more a matter of when and not if, really.

The red planet – so called because of its rustic look – is our galactic neighbor in this cosmos and ever since we discovered this planet that is approximately half the size of the Earth, Mars have always been treated with much romanticism.

But what if – do entertain me on this – this gigantic leap is one that is going backwards in a kind of ironic full circle of lifecycle?

What if Earth was Mars’s Mars all those Eons ago?

Imagine Earth continuing its unerring march towards inherent destruction of its own environment, with the millions of tons in toxic emissions making it hotter and hotter until life is unbearable.

Mars View Should this happen, what do we do?

Sentient and intelligent beings that we are, we migrate to what would be a more suitable habitat.

Say that sentient beings in Mars found themselves in similar predicament and the closest planet that seems to fit to bill for inhabiting is its erstwhile neighbor, Earth (Gaia).

Probes have been sent and found the planet having the same kind of surface, plausible levels of atmospheric conditions and ready to be inhabited with some tweaks.

There is however a logistical problem in the whole scenario, isn’t there?

Just how the hell are they going to make the interplanetary switch of whole civilizations from Mars to Earth?

It would be something utterly impossible.

What if they then decide to to send their genetic imprints so that to spark a new beginning instead?

Mars is then left to its destruction; ravaged by sandstorms and increasing temperature that laid waste to what was once a thriving planet.

Million of miles away, life start anew, the trauma of planetary travel rendering the genetic imprints dormant; with a locked knowledge base leaking new insights and lessons every now and then with the appropriate tweaks.

Now, wouldn’t that be fantastic scenario?

Of course, this premise has got like a billion holes in it that anyone with sound scientific minds would be able to dismiss as pure juvenile sci-fi bullshit.

Then again: Scientists have found strong evidence that water once flowed on the surface of Mars.

That there are channels, valleys and gullies on the planet's surface.

That there are vast amounts of ice beneath its surface; Mars’ very own North and South poles.

That the atmosphere is dense enough to support a weather system; to support clouds, winds and storms.

What if this is what Earth would be like millions of years from today?

Of course all these thoughts are without nary a single theological insight in mind: it's pure fantasy.

Just play around with it and see whether it can tweak any dormant “hidden knowledge” within.

I kid, of course.

Martian peeved at impromptu visit by naked Earthling.

Get some clothes on, Dr Man!!

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