Thursday, 23 April 2009

Prem Eja

The Official Malaysian Stimulus Package Website is, for lack of a better praise, wordy.

Colorful too, and obviously done by someone who really loves charts.

BUT it’s sadly nothing more than a rehashed job.

Everything onsite (except for the colorful charts, that is) can easily be gleaned with some patience in screening through the many news reports and speech text of both packages launched in November last year and March this year.

What it does not have are details.

The devil of the stimulus packages, in other words.

Oh, there are enough “facts” therein - not enough to swamp you, though – but they are, shall we say, the useless kinds.

I was hoping to see what and how much goes where and to who, but alas, it’s not to be found in the portal. (It’s a work related research, honest..)

And get this: the FAQ consists of SEVEN questions including this following gem of Q&As:

Soalan: Bagaimanakah peruntukan ini dibahagi-bahagikan?
Jawapan: Kesemua peruntukan diagihkan samada mengikut teras, negeri, agensi atau program.

That’s a big, huge help there.


The feeling similar to hoping someone biting the dust in a Marvel Comics' Hulkie versus Wolvie slugfest.

It would never happened. And even if it did, trust that it's an alternate reality/ dreamscape/nightmare bullshit.
The glowering duo

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