Monday, 20 April 2009

Doth Thou Jest?

Homer's at least lovable
The way he goes on and on about “officers” not understanding the technicalities of river management and theme park et cetera et cetera, you’d think the whole administrative arms of the Selangor State government is full of technically inept employees.

(“he” here of course refers to Dr Khir Toyo who failed to grab the Umno Youth Chief position and he who was formerly the Selangor Menteri Besar.)

“Couldn’t understand”, “couldn’t visualize”, “did not understand the concept”…

Either these employee were very Dohh or they were very clever in pretending to “not understand” so that they could perhaps (ahem, drumroll right here) go on technical trips during the school holidays without having to meet up with the very adept technical people who could have imparted with all the “understanding” and “visualization” they needed.

The trips should be enough to provide all the “exposure”.

That said, even The Man himself doesn't seems to know much either.

Marina wasn’t kidding when she asked us to check out the online version of the interview.

A classic, really.

Man O Man.

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