Thursday, 7 May 2009

Farcical Assemblage


It’s really hard not to LOL over the goings on in Perak, were it not a tragedy and a kick to the groin (balls?) that is democracy.

Wanting to push through a new state government of which its foundation lie in so-called technicalities (et tu, Mukhriz?) of having the most number of State Assembly support while disregarding the earlier votes of the Perakians brought Malaysians the farce being played out this morning in Ipoh.

The so-called “state government of the day” in Dr Zambry’s team should proceed to dissolve to State Assembly to break this impasse.

So what if there is the spectre of defeat to the Pakatan Rakyat hanging?

You never know unless you "cuba try test tengok " and it would be a great time to spell out your policies which would stand you out from the old state government.

If the people of Perak wants the BN’s (allegedly the “I rub you, you rub me back?”) style, fine. So be it.

What matters is that the choice should be put to the Rakyat.

Dr Zambry’s legitimacy lie with the Rakyat Perak and it is really they who should decide.

Ini tak: Tak dan apa – apa dah auction off the newly bought and hardly used Toyota Camry just because it was by the previous state government.

Tak dan apa – apa dah sack appointees sana – sini because they were made under the previous state government.

Tak dan apa – apa dah nak tutup jalan sana – sini, tutup acess itu ini.

Would such a state government really get the Rakyat’s confidence even if they manage to proceed with an Assembly today?

Don’t tell me Dr Zambry didn’t foresee the farce that is the 7th May Perak State Assembly based on all that has gone down before?

Technicality bullshits of having the majority support notwithstanding, stalemated legitimacy does not inspire confidence where the Rakyat is concerned.

Win the battle, lose the war?

Or it could well be winning the battle and winning the war.

Unless he enters the fray by calling for dissolution of the State Assembly, Dr Zambry will never know if Perakians are actually behind him.

Alas, he has crossed the Rubicon by continuing with the fa├žade of having full confidence of the Rakyat.

It's a most unfortunate legacy that will be forever attached to his name.

(PS: Pix below (Bill Sienkiwicz's Elektra(Marvel Comics) is of no relation to the above article.)



Anonymous said...

hehehe depa tak dan dan zaman sains dan teknologi bro, semua mesti pantas.

-- mat kodiang

Tunku Halim said...

A sad state of affairs. Nobody wins!