Friday, 17 April 2009

(Blipping) Cor Blimey!

The Guildford Four
WTF! ... Not another (blipping) by-election!

I may not be in the thick of things (Thank God I managed to get out from journalism last year!) but I am sore at how politicians are taking the resign route when something crops up and thus forcing a by-election.

Come on! All this politicking is killing the already much frayed national solidarity.

It’s already bad enough that the government is seemingly going wayward with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (not to mention those down the line) seemingly having different nation's objectives.

Another by-election at this current stage is just not palatable!

Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin should just (blipping) stand his ground if he is innocent as he say he is.

He’s not even(blipping) charged yet, for goodness sake.

God knows there are many more politicians who are remaining steadfast in their positions who – in my mind, at least – are far more deserving of a (blipping) boot on their (blipping) backside.

You go when you need to go by way of being found guilty either by public opinion or the court of law.

(Just a note: the court of public opinion is when too much proven dirt is washed publicly by way of the mainstream newspapers without you being able to (blipping) justify having so much dirt through the same channel.

Example being Chua Soi Lek’s sexcapade episode.

Some (blipping) (blipping) are however too (blipping) shameless to do so and instead start giving inane justifications for blatant abuse of their (blipping) position.

You should (blipping) know who you are.)

This may well be just another internal political game of wanting to push someone for the Penang deputy chief minister’s post.

If Umno is (ahem..) allegedly full of deadwoods past their time, PKR seems to be full of driftwoods caught in the wake of its sudden surge in public support.

What this says of both is an apparent weakness in their grassroot foundations – the branches and what not – and their inabilities to channel the right kind of leaders into the state and national stages.

Get these (blipping) right and there should be less deadwoods and driftwoods to contend with.

Perhaps the EC should consider amending their regulations to something like this: where someone resigns from their post, the spot goes to their last time opponent unless the majority is bigger than, say, 25% of the electoral rolls.

That would allow a whole lot of us some much need breathing space from by-election politickings.

In the meantime, Fairus should (blipping) stop whining about conspiracies, retract his resignation letter and just (blipping) serve his constituency the best that he (blipping) can.

Being a DUN is not a (blipping) “main-main” thing, after all.

(PS: The picture above is a scene from Jim Sheridan’s 1993 movie “In the Name of the Father”, starring Daniel Day Lewis and Emma Thompson, on the injustice meted on the Guildford Four.

And I do apologise for the many profanities in this posting. Call it politics fatigue.)


izinni said...

blip blip blip blip blurppppp ...

tersedak! ehhh tersendawa .. :))

p/s: dah siap kerja ke?

Republican Reds said...

But you must remember that he's is involved in allegedly corrupt practices in his quary dealings.If he was not ask to step down then PKR will be just like UMNO look at Ali Rustam and Khairy Jamaludin,then which party can Malaysians trust to combat corruption, Malaysia will be doomed by this corrupt problem if strict action is not taken on corrupt individuals.

Raison D'etre said...


True. True.

But the operative word here is "allegedly", while the two mentioned were "convicted" by the Umno's Disciplinary Board.

Thank you for your comments.