Friday, 4 May 2012

Unstrange Bedfellows

And here we have the apology from NST on the Islam / Scientology, urm, word-replaced newspiece:

We hereby confirm that we have made a grave error in publishing the statements in the article. We accept that in his speech in the Australian Parliament referred to in the article, Mr Xenophon did not use the word “Islam” and neither did he assert that Islam is not a religious organisation but a criminal organisation hiding behind its religious belief.

As I don’t read the print NST, I am unsure where the clarification / apology is.

Nothing was said about the damning sub heading: “Impartiality Questioned: Anti-Islam Australian Lawmaker Comes Under Fire” though.

Then again, absolutely NOTHING newsworthy had occurred here in Malaysia, in Australia or any other Islamic-majority nation since the 2nd of May that the offending article came out.

No rally calling for his “head”; no “Sod off you Islamophobe”. Nada. Yilek.

Perhaps, nobody gave a hoot to what NST had written then anyway.

Then again NST was NOT a solo offender as the same dangerous bullshitting was taken up in the rabidly anti-opposition, anti-DAP, anti-Anwar, anti-PR Utusan.

There the author quoted verbatim the same offending remarks, without even noting where the quote was sourced from.

So, both NST and UTUSAN must have gotten the statement from somewhere, didn’t they?

The Million Ringgit question thus: from where? Who replaced the word Scientology with Islam?

No need to bother on question of “For what purpose” as we know exactly why.

Utusan and NST, huh.


Strange bedfellows NOT.

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