Monday, 21 May 2012

Fanciful Sniggers

"Using the photographic blocking system, it has been determined that 22,270 people were at the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28. This is close to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) estimated figure of 25,000 people but way off from what Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had announced to the rest of the world."

What is this penchant for dwelling on the trees and missing out on the forest?

So what? What if merely 2,353 people turned up?

What about their message of the need for electoral reforms? For the Authoritative Institutions to not be tainted with hints (much less full stench) of partisanship?

What is so bloody wrong with freer and fairer elections anyway?

All these statements would be quite comic if not for the almost tragic connotations of their utterance.

Why is there a need to whittle the numbers down? Just because Anwar says its 250,000 doesn’t mean it is.

Everyone knows so.

BUT, if the turnout had really been 22, 270, then probably the Parliament would have been dissolved by now.

Especially since the Umno recently held 66th birthday (really? Umno Baru?) garnered like, what, 150,000 attendees?

Being in a Stadium, probably Bernama super duper masses calculation method via the “photographic blocking system” would not be needed to cite the figure, correct?

So, what’s the hold up?

Doesn’t BN want the three states back into their fold?

Doesn’t BN want to kick LGE / KI / AAR out of office and save the down-trodden and sidelined Malays from the clutches of the LGBT-loving and promoting PR?

After all, 22,270 is barely 0.18 percent of the total number of voters in Malaysia (12,595,268, isn’t it?)

You can say, Bah!!, snigger away and say: Okay, let’s get a good margin mandate now.

And remember too, the 22,270 people are most probably from the Klang Valley, which means that their votes would be in places like Jinjang, Kepong and Bukit Bintang anyway. Or Klang and Gombak.

Again: Bah!!! Snigger and holds the General Election.

22,270 is like the number of people at a Pasar Malam.

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