Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Zomba Zombe

I’ve been enjoying some good laff riot sessions with my youngest over Mamat Khalid’s “Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah”.

(I know it’s like a gazillion years since Kak Limah’s debut on the silver screen but... )

She knows the movie from A to Z now, but there will still be the occasional question like: “Ayu tu hantu ke Bah?”

Some movies do have the knack for tying your emotions down, and Kak Limah is one such. Kudos to Mamat Khalid for such a gem.

This is not a review of Kak Limah – it’s been done to death (heh. Pun TOTALLY intended) – but more of re-acquaintance of movies which stick to my mind (and interest) longer than others.

Kak Limah is not top in my list, though. No, numero uno is shared between P Ramlee’s Tiga Badul and Labu Labi (The first version).

I laughed at the jokes when watching it as a newly graduated law student years ago with my cousin and still laughing when I watch them these days as a father of two growing daughters.

Whether or not I will continue laughing at the (same) jokes years from now (maybe when I’m loafing away as a retiree?) is uncertain but from the way things are, it looks like a surety.

There’s an Australian film in the list, too, by the way: Strictly Ballroom and a Japanese manga: Crying Freeman (The Mark Dacascos version is a pale cousin in comparison).

Kak Limah is a far enjoyable fare than its predecessor, Zombi (Hussin calls them Zombe and Pak Jabit, Zomba) Kampung Pisang. The man is growing in his directing skills, surely.

I am looking forward to the third installment. I hope there is one, especially with the, ahem, cliff hanging - another intended pun! – scene as Hussin rides off into the horizon.

And speaking of jokes, ya, here’s a lame-o one courtesy of our good old government: The move last month to reduce toll for Petaling Jaya Selatan 2 (PJS2) toll plaza will cause (cost? - my emphasis) the government RM90 million.

Talk about costly discounts, eh?

Funny also in that NST missed out on the spelling error.

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