Friday, 11 March 2011

Solicitous Wick

It sure seems like ages since I last posted something in this blog.

Not that there wasn’t items of interests to comment on, just a “Nah…” feeling of "Hmmph... Whatever lo...

So what is different about today, then? Nothing, except for thoughts of mortality.

I learnt from an insurance agent today of a waiver clause whereby you no longer needed to pay for your coverage, but (of course there is a but here) the clincher is that this point is reached when you’re 100 years old.

A centenarian.

When I read of people living past 100, I often wonder what makes them continue ticking? Why are they still around when so many of their compatriots have passed on the mortal coil? Is it due to modern medical wonderment? Healthy lifestyle?

What, exactly?

Often times, I just think that it’s mainly unfinished business.

I hope my own ascent into my, ahem, senior years will be graceful. Rid myself of this horrible debt-culture which our generation and the next have been burdened with through escalating cost of living.

And, I pray, be closer to Allah in all ways.

My once icon (note the word once) published his memoir recently and, while admitting that I will probably not read the book in full, I am beyond aghast that at his stage in life, Dr M is still rattling his sabre.

Why exactly, Doctor? There are both good and nasty words in the books (I’m basing this on reviews, so am pleased to be corrected) aimed at people both dead and living.

I supposed the Memoir will be an enlightening read for fans (and detractors) of the good doctor. There'll be ample divisions and rifts, applauses and jeers, criticsm and praise.

Some will find solace and serenity as their lives march towards the end, while others continue as if their wicks are forever and ever, unending.

As for Dr M? He writes his memoir and welcomes all sullied by his words to take him on.

Like I said: unfinished business.

How sad.

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