Thursday, 17 March 2011

Suki Des'u

Tiny sparks flicker in darkened void
In guarded moments he lets his mind wander
How fares his Mayumi?
He wonders
Of his sweet Akemi
Purple ribbons, pony tails
He wonders a bit longer
Seconds passes at a crawl.

The hose a writhing, snarling snake coiling his arms
Aft, steam hissing, a musical interlude of angry cries
He looks ahead
A grim visage of a man stares back
Mere reflections through opaque lenses
A window (his only)
A suit so soft, a reprieve so false
Sticks barricade
Against a crunching invisible onslaught
He stops shorts
Tasukete at his lips' edge.

Iie, he lightly laughs
His mind smiling as his hands suddenly remembers icy rivulets
A stream, so cold, so soothing
Mayumi chuckling in the distance
(Making ramen?)
As Akemi splashes about
Pony tails spraying icy cold droplets
Icy rivulets
The images hazy, the sensations so clear
A sharp pang unnoticed.

Who is that calling?
He hears shouts
All in the fringes
Voices in the peripheral
So distant yet so close

Is that Kami beckoning him a journey,
He wonders
A land he’s heard but never seen,
He sighs
As bluish lips let slip,

Daisuki desu, Mayumi
Daisuki desu...

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