Monday, 24 May 2010

Shellheading Days

My renovations contractor (an Indonesian PR) lamented about the recent hikes in building material prices.

Saya block harga lama pun tak guna, Boss,” he said during on those chit chat sessions we have every now and then. Apparently, cement is now RM17 plus per bag, from around RM14. Ouch.

You’d be forgiven to not see this creeping up of prices of late: it’s very much below the surface especially where construction costs are concerned.

I’d be in the dark too had it not been for the renovations I’m currently undertaking on my house. Or the fact that the Base Lending Rate is now 6.05%, the announcement slotted quietly via a single column advert in the back pages of a weekday.

Now the government is again talking about subsidies; about reviewing them, that is.

Why does the government need these so-called Say your piece in Open Day” thingys when we supposedly already have our respective elected mouthpieces to say our piece(s?) in Parliament?

Is this an open statement that these Yahoos are not doing their jobs of representing the population’s interest?

Anyway, a half-day session in swanky KLConvention Centre can hardly accommodate the millions of voices wanting to be heard, so I suppose this is more a “Hey, we’re a People’s Government” move at best.

Back to my reno contractor’s complains.

I suppose this situation of creeping inflation is inevitable given our “fantastic” 1st Quarter growth. (Wait a minute! Singapore bested us with a 16% growth! Nah, probably Spore just up their figures to best us. We all know (wink wink) how Kiasu our southern neighbour is, now, don’t we?)

Yudy – the contractor – is doing our awning, landscape and “batu cantik” (that’s what he call the pavement, by the way) and his prices, while slightly on the high side is compensated by a meticulous attention to details and quality.

My house is, by the way, near Meru, which is like thousands of miles away from KLCC. I jest, but it does seem like so especially to relatives who comes visiting.

Barely six months after I sign the S&P (Sales and Purchase) agreement, was the new phase launched with an additional RM50K price tag. Last I heard, the specs are about the same, except that these get an extra balcony in the master room.

Compared to property prices in those areas closer to KLCC (heh), the levels we’re looking at are quite cheap.

I shudder to think of the pricing in a few years time.

Back to my house, we still haven’t install the Astro dish as yet and as such the TV sets stay in their boxes; the kids whining notwithstanding. Hasn’t had such serenity of surrounding like this for a long, long while but the day of succumbing to crass entertainment isn’t very far away.

I am, of course, talking about the World “Ole! Ole!” Cup.

In the meantime, here’re two images of no relation at all to the article which I’m putting just for the sake of it. No, I haven’t seen any of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and yes, I think the Mark “Ultimates” Milar version is the definitive Tony Stark aka Shellhead.

The new and the old.

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