Monday, 10 May 2010

Hairy Humour

“Most victims are women. What do women do? They go to the hairdressers... they chit-chat and suddenly it is everywhere and cause people to fear,” he joked.

What an S of a statement.

Why, oh why, do our politicians keep opening their big mouth and say utterly inane things?

You do expect politicians heading Ministries to be a level above the riff raffs but then, some seemed adamant in cementing their inter pares position with the mob, it seems, where drivels, crass generalizations and horrendous sensitivities are the order of the day.

By the way, he here refers to our Home Minister and the Malaysian Insider has a nice picture of him smiling away as he spoke to our students in London.

Let’s not get emotional” was another quotable quote from H.

Do read the article itself, which I do hope is both audio and visually recorded as politicians also have this penchant to turn and say the following words: misquoted, misrepresented, misled, mis this and mis that.

Dear God Almighty.

Is H not in tune with the overall scenario vis-à-vis the community outlook on crimes at home? Why gated communities are more and more the preferred choice and non-gated turning into a semi-gated ones?

What are these all about? Suka – suka residential committee things? Kopi / Hair Salon sessions ideas?

Could it be that H is spot on in his assessment of things?

After all, he must be getting inputs from his officer on the grounds (snooping around hair salons listening at women’s chit chats assignments included?) on the Malaysian crime levels.

I would love to read on the crowd’s response to H’s “talk”, something which the article did not reveal. Hopefully it was either one of aghast, disdain, confound, shock, dumbfound and related responses.

Sniggers, guffaws, laughter or snorts of approval would however place H is the right company though.

One fully deserving the other.

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