Friday, 4 June 2010

Pemanduan Berhemat

You have to pity Pemandu CEO Idris Jala these days.

Suddenly, in the eyes of the public, he is the subsidy “Bogey Man”. Never mind that he had apparently re-asserted his qualifications for the “bankruptcy” statement. (Not the one about being like Greek, though. Curious that especially since the European Union member is allegedly corrupted to the hilt if detractors are to be believed.)

Now Bernama says Awang Adek says Malaysia will not go bankrupt in 2019 even if a subsidy totalling RM74bil a year is continued. (Not verbatim, but paraphrase so expect qualifications here to.)

What does that say? That Idris is talking cock. That “the country’s economy would not be as bad as it had been portrayed such as not being able to repay its debts should the Government continue its subsidy programme.

Being essentially the government’s mouthpiece, such reports are to be expected from the backlash so far from the “talking” public. Subsidies, and correspondingly the inflationary pressure in their doing away with, are thing no right-minded politicians (unless you’re in the opposition) will want to touch.

Exactly the reason why Idris is IT. IT being the Bogey Man.

Never mind. Brickbats notwithstanding, Idris (and all those TOP people) don’t need ANY subsidy unlike the rest of us Rakyats in meeting ends.

The fact that they still do get them must irk them a whole lot, eh?

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