Thursday, 11 June 2009

Roving Waywardness

Are Djinns and Sihirs the reasons why some of us become unfaithful?

Perhaps it’s true in some cases, but Djinns and Sihirs seemed easy and convenient escape exits for those with roving hearts, no?

I have been there too and am pretty sure no Djinns (other than my own personal demons) were around tweaking my unfaithfulness quotient during a particularly shameful period of my married life.

If it weren’t the dastardly Djinns, what was it then?

In my case, it was my all-too-human frailties and suffices to say, it led to betrayals, heartaches and frayed trusts which I truly hope will never, ever, recur.

Thankfully those days are long gone and pretty much, my heart is set in stone now for the special someone that is my better half.

Time has helped the healing process, and now, both of us could joke about that dark period without either of us getting inflamed.

(Perhaps the Djinns has gone on elsewhere? A cross continental trip to England, maybe?)

I am however not an all out non believer of Djinns, Sihirs and the likes; at best I’m a skeptic as I’ve seen enough to convince myself that just because something is not visible does not mean it doesn’t exist.

When I was much younger (I think it was during my early primary years) I witnessed an exorcism of sorts done on an auntie during the wee hours of the day.

Scared the shit (not literally, of course) out of me then.

Just recently, a restless spirit entered both me and my daughter’s dreamscape causing some restless, but fortunately non lasting, moments.

I woke up to find my eldest daughter thrashing about, and started reciting Ayatul Kursi and other verses from the Koran to calm her, which she did after a long while.

Then “it” came to me.

The mental image I got during the feverish dream (nightmare?) was that of a good looking, young Chinese man, portrayed in a picture placed besides an altar.

Was it truly a passing spirit, or was it the work of an active imagination? I will never truly know.

Using Djinns and Sihirs to wreck the marriage of others is not something out of the ordinary this side of the ironically Malay / Muslim world.

(Don't these people know about the dangers of being in Syirik?)

Another auntie found weird things buried in her compound during a trying period when another woman was wooing her husband.

There were clear intentions in driving a permanent wedge between the couple, and while it didn’t work (they are still together), there were plenty of heated moments for both of them at the time.

Now, they’d joked about the period, laughing off the episode that – I truly believe - brought them closer still.

I think those involved in such deep relationships will always face these tests, and surviving them will strengthen the tie that binds two hearts together.

Djinns and spirits can be nasty sometimes – they cause some restlessness in one way or another – but people are nastier still in invoking these to their cause from either ego or jealousy.

That said, in any case of waywardness it still takes two to tango.

So, let’s not kid ourselves, shall we, O wayward men and women?

There is only so much the invisible Djinns can do.

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