Friday, 19 June 2009

Desperately So

We need a national unity government like we need a hole in the head. The thought of sleeping with the ethically debased and morally detestable Barisan Nasional government is simply too abhorrent to contemplate.”

Tunku Aziz echoes exactly my thoughts and, I suspect, countless others on the much hyped subject.

(The word “hyped” is there because I am suspicious of its timing with the Manek Urai by-elections.)

While I am no fan of PAS, but readings tell me that the party itself has NOT outwardly propagated such a move.

A unity government doesn’t make sense when there is already a majority – although not a two third – for Barisan Nasional and Umno.

Tunku Aziz used far stronger words for the latter, but I would settle for Political Enemy Numero Uno for PAS.

In fact, a well accepted PAS can easily replace Umno as the main leading party especially since here Malays and Islam are pretty much interchangeable.

Coupled with the principles of Universal Justice that is the makeup and crux of Islam, you can certainly see that should PAS do things right, it can easily maintain its core of supporters and welcome new ones as well.

Surely even the (once derided as a kampung only) party can see this vision.

This unity talk is a surefire way PAS can squander this growth potential.

Sleeping with its Enemy Numero Uno (unless PAS’s bigwigs have a different idea here) is after all a harsh kick in the balls to those of us who believe in the party and its compatriots of DAP and PKR.

It shows that some PAS bigwigs are more concerned with positions (correspondingly linked to the potential for self enrichment and aggrandizement ala the much-alive political patronage system.)

What else could the reason be?

It cannot be the so-called Malay-unity factor.

(This would be a far more dangerous precedent: Imagine PAS and Umno on one side, and PKR and the rest on the other. Shudder.. Is it cold in these thoughts or is it just me?)

Tok Nik is adamant that such talks with Umno should be quashed, and, to me where PAS is concerned, he is absolutely correct.

What do those leading such talks hope to garner anyway?

Not the support of Malay-issue centric voters as these are, I assume, firmly in the hands of Umno (even though it does seems to be party first and race second if all the allegations of favoritism are true).

Tunku Aziz says it’s a case of Summer Madness.

Najib's analogy was that of a marriage proposal.

They were in fact married before, but alas, there was a divorce; one that was acrimonious too.

As such, these talks are just a rekindling of that marriage.

A “Rujuk Semula”, to use the Malay phrase for it.

For PAS to initiate such rekindling demeans the party and what it stands for.

Desperate comes to mind of such acts.

Thus the question must be: desperate for what?

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