Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Politics of Frustrations

Remember her?

John Profumo's Christine Keeler

“Makan suap” is a demeaning Malay phrase that every politician and civil servant should abhor.

It was a phrase that buzzed irritatingly in my mind when I read this newsflash on the arrest of Perak State Executive Councilors by the State Anti Corruption Agency for alleged “makan suap” of over RM100,000 involving a RM180 million housing project.

I’ve had such high hopes for the country’s administrative landscape vis-à-vis reduced number of under the table transactions with the forming of alternative state governments promising justice, fair play, et cetera et cetera.

The “makan suap” is still at mere allegations stage but I have this deep sinking feeling which I am sure is shared by many others that things are very much Status Quo where politicians are concerned.

They are just not to be believed.

Incidentally, a Malay vernacular paper I seriously distrust gave added spice with hints that sexual gratification was also involved.


Money and sex.

If you believe in rumours, its almost expected of politicians in positions to have them.

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