Monday, 11 August 2008

Our People, Our Shame.

A beautiful chicken coop from

Stories like these sure perks you up, don't they?

Just when you thought our newspapers cannot top "The Abandoned Toilet Couple" , along comes "A Spinster Living in a Chicken Coop" .

Both articles are very surreal; akin to fairy tales gone bizzare.

Perhaps it's just the reporters' doing: sensationalizing a nondescript piece of story just to get some column space (No offence, Hamzah :) ).

People living in a chicken coop is really a first for me.

I was born in a mixed Malay, Chinese, Sikh, Indian village in Alor Setar and my childhood is fill with adventures vis-a-vis the ubiquitous chicken coop. You have these cutesy little chicks which warms the heart everything they start chirping away while following their mother hen around.

We were relatively poor and rearing chicken is one way to cater for meals on the table in a few months time with both eggs and meat. Every family does it, so there was no big deal about having chickens in your backyard.

But what kind of a society allows someone to live in a chicken coop complete with a monthly rental to boot for the courtesy of such luxurious abode?

Wow. Living in a chicken coop.

That really puts some clear meaning to the Malay saying of "Kais Pagi Makan Pagi".

We've had people living in a toilet; now a chicken coop. Shall we bet of being able to top these in a few months time?

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