Thursday, 21 August 2008

Inappropriate behaviour?

A look to die for..

Am I too Sexy for You?

To the Malaysian authorities, Avril Lavigne is not sexy, just not proper for Merdeka .

At least I think that is what they are saying from reading news report on the postponement of Miss Lavigne’s Best Damn Tour concert initially scheduled on the 29th of this month.

Perhaps it’s the word “Damn” that made it inappropriate. Maybe.

Fans of the Canadian rocker should cross (no religious connotations intended here) their fingers that the postponement remains just that.

I do not count myself as a fan, but enjoy listening to her songs all the same. She kind of reminds me of Canadian singer songwriter Alanis Nadine Morissette, who blew it after recording such a rip roaring first album in Jagged Little Pill.

Neither of them can be regarded as sexy. Not in my eyes, anyway.

The country’s moral police however have their own set of definition, I supposed, as Ms Lavigne is deemed sexy.

She joins recent (more suitable) nominees Inul Darastita, Gwen Stefani and Beyonce Knowles, to name but a few. Bollywood Divas can strut their stuffs as they are outside this grouping of “sexually exciting or attractive” (as per women.

(PussyCat Dolls managed to slip past the moral police for the MTV Asia Award despite the impromptu sneak peeps show the last time they were here.)

Sexy men, meanwhile, can come in and go as they please which means that the moral polices are definitely an all straight-alpha-male bunch of pious folks.

My wife is adamant that when it comes to men, the defining features are their eyes. She goes absolutely goo goo gaa gaa over George “dreamy eyes” Clooney. (The inverted words are really my wife’s, not mine) and think that all Bollywood male divas are just overhyped Bangladeshis with better hygienic practices.

I am torn between Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek for my own "most sexy" list, but in the end Mrs Pitt wins due to her strong character traits. A mother of three and still looking as beautiful and luscious as ever have my votes where it matters. And those lips of hers are just to die for (no offence, Yang).

Perhaps the moral police are right in that Avril Lavigne is sexy after all. Here is a young artist who is on top of the world doing what she does best, and the millions who adore her music must see something really sexy about this characteristic charisma.

She is barely 24, and already has something like 30 million copies of her album sold to fans all over the world, and looks certainly isn’t one of the draw. Surf around the Internet and even when Ms Lavigne do show some skin, sexy is hardly the phrase that would come across your mind.

Am I correct, Mr. MP, Sir? Or are you still busy ogling?

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bujai said...

yup... she's not that very sexy afterall if your compare her with saiful...hehehehehe!!!

anyway, sexy is a logo given to her actions on stage. but still, its still far from being a sexy symbol.

to those who opposed her show in malaysia (maybe you are rite, not during merdeka celebration) should go to logic when it comes to 'a sexy label'.

this young and sucessfull canadian singer carries her western style everywhere.... but what about our local artistes who don western culture?

akai tarak ka?

there are so many sexy advertisements on display on TV, billboards, etc throughout the country. why didnt they oppose this?