Friday, 11 September 2015

The Disgustingly New, Normal

Are we seeing the so called new normal with regards the Ringgit vis-à-vis the major currencies?

I hope not especially since we are so looking forward to an overseas trip early next year.

Still some time to pray that the current levels are not “the new normal”, Amin.

Anyway, to continue on my light ranting: the weakened Ringgit will push the comic book price up summore.
Out soon. Can't wait.


How I wish I am working and earning in Singaporean Dollar where this is concern.

Imagine getting Brian K. Vaughan’s acclaimed “Saga” - the compilation la – for less than 25 units of the currency.

(I’m using this NOT in relation to 1MDB’s “Units, just units” ya. Please.)

Here, you’re paying something like 80 or thereabout units per volume.

Imagine if both you and your Singaporean comic geek counterpart is earning the same amount of units in monthly salary of say 3,500 units – a realistic figure for a slightly experience junior staff.

That would mean if you happen to the whole set currently available – Volumes 1 to 4 (5 is out soon, Yay!) – you’re gonna be spending 9.15% of your monthly salary while the dude across the Causeway spends 2.86% of his.

Crossing over use to make some sense those days of the old  normal (is there such a word?) as even converted, comic books prices are still on the lowish side compared to buying over here.

Unless Borders / Kinokuniya go the Big Bad Wolf Super Duper Sale’s route, that is.

Now, the cost differentials from conversion is almost equal or worse.

Every now and then, I continue re-reading my old, loose issues, comic and you can still see the price tags – I’ve gotten copies at RM1.80 and RM2.50 mint - pasted on the covers.

Ooh, I so hate this new normal thingy.

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