Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bearish Run of a Different Kind, We Pray Not

We’re sure turning out like a black hole.



Or a stacked line of domino tiles.

A gambler dealt with consecutive bad decks of cards.

Whatever its, the country is starting to look like it’s on a run to prove the Murphy’s Law.


Should be at least a wee bit cagey, right now.

Especially since 16 September is around the corner with a supposed maruah-trampled bunch going all Gung Ho to amass, and on very suspect principles.

Let not the stroke of the pendulum be already upon our bosom. 

One bad after another.

And we know full well what is at its core.

Moral corruption. Of the highest degree.

Egoistical flames and fathomless greed that could tear all asunder.


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