Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Snouts and Troughs

In suits they trot
Italian’s Caraceni and HK’s Ascot
With loud guffaws and the occasional snort
At times on high as though on pot

Oh who are they these snobbish smattering
Nonsensical talk and gibberish chattering
At a place most August yet they’re buffoon’ing
Oh who they are, from whence their originating

Eloquent advocate or puppet squealer
Effective pleader or frothing titular
We know this naught; nor do we bother
They’re so aloft, mostly aloof, often cavalier

Our voice they supposedly represent
Of publics interests, in distinct liberty and mutual consent
Transcending breed, beliefs, tracts and accent
Our hopes in them, so naïf so fervent

So, who are these callous few?
Do they not hear, have they no view
In patience stretched, of anger brew
Who are these, so screwed up their worldly purview?
Too damn late, things’ now gone askew
Just desserts for choices miscue?

In suits they trot
Amid much guffaws and snorts.

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