Tuesday, 14 April 2015

In Need of a Hurrahiyipiekiaiyeoe Moment

What is it that some segment of the population could get and understand which the rest of us can’t seem to?
Really perplexing to see Umno Youth – including the much heralded KJ – going all Hurrahiyipiekiaiyeoe* after listening to PM Najib's “explanations” on the many questions posed to him.
Keeping in mind the questions, at least on the much maligned 1Em Dee Bee, have long been asked by the opposition Young Turks of Tony Pua, Rafizi and others for a long while now wayyyy before Dr Mahathir taking up the cudgel on the same set of questions.
Granted, the former PM’s questions get more prominence and suddenly, all hells broken lose.
Perhaps the rest of us are not seeing the big picture like the Umno Youth fellas and the Ketua Bahagians, eh?
Cannot be, what. Dr Mahathir is famous for this Big Picture mindset.
If he doesn’t get it, that really means something.
All manners of technicalities, perhaps?
Nahhh…. Pua and Rafizi have been yakking so much Goobledegookie tech stuff on the issues that would probably fill up a whole RM98-priced MBA student’s edition.
SO, what did the PM say that gets them so hyped up?
AND, why can’t the same hyped up hysteria be equally given to us Rakyats live through any one of the free TV channels?
Surely in this era of grimace-inducing, GST prompted, urm, profiteering and price hiking, we are entitled to some crowd surfing moments of our own?
So, how? Can or no can?
 * Similarities with Bruce Willis' famous "Yipikiyae Muther Bleeper" in the movie Die Hard (1988) is unintended.

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